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Cameron Remembrance Cards
Four side A5 Full Colour Cards by David Cameron Paisley Photographer
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Brother Father Uncles Grand father Friend
A Sisters Love Father Uncle Granddad Friend ****
Brother I love you dad A loving uncle I love you granddad I Weep for You
Greatest Dad Sailing into heaven Grandfather Forever In Our Hearts
Little Brother Tears for father Farewell dear friend
These tears mourn your passing Aunt Grand mother A firend forever
Mother Aunt Grans Tales of Old This Saddest Day
Sister Mother Aunts field of flowers My Wee Granny Tears
A Brothers Love We'll always miss you mum My Aunt & Friend Grandma A Treasured Soul
My Loving Sister Tears For Mother A loving auntie Bye gran Your Loss Is Our Pain
Three wishes "friends sister" Mother’s beautiful spirit Grandma's spirit Always In My Heart
Sister deepest sympathy A wonderful lady and mother Cousin Grandmother No2 Heartbroken
Mum Cousin A great grandmother Heaven beckons your soul
Daughter A Wonderful wife and mother A friend & cousin Miss you gran Into the garden of heaven
Daughter A loving cousin Always by your side
Her radiant spirit Husband Army Your mother was a dear friend **
Her spirit her soul my life Tears in our eye "friends husband" Nephew A Hero's Poem The Hands Of Time
My Daughter & child The remembrance rose Nephew A nation weeps your loss A Gentle Soul
A rose for my love Nephew's eternal embrace Deepest sympathy from loving friends
Son My sweet rosebud Thank you Cards A gent a father loved by many ***
Son Wife A loving nephew Thank You For The Sympathy Card The loss of a dear friend
Your cherished Son My Darling Wife Thank you sympathy card No2 These tears say it all
Your son leaves a hole in our hearts My love my wife my soul Neice
To be by your side
The road to happiness Niece Sample Card Your loss breaks my heart
Child A sweet child neice An inspiration to us all **
My Darling Child Lovers My cherished niece His spirit touch us all* ***
Watch over this child Forever My Love We mourn the loss of our dear friend
The Last Goodbye The Sympathy Rose
Into the arms of god Goodbye my sweet For the families daughter *
The heart of a child My sweet betrothed For the families mother **
Her spirit grows in side us all My heart breaks for my love For the families father ***
With pain in our hearts A love lost For the families son ****
The heart of an angle Your Gentle Touch Generic cards for everyone
Please note the text on the back of the card will not appear on the finished cards.
As the text was placed on the card to advertise I'm also a remembrance photographer.
Back & Front Of Sympathy Card.
Poem & Inside Space For Personal Message.
A Brothers Love
A Sisters Love Inside Text
Aunt Inside Text
Daughter Inside Text
Father Inside Text
Grans Tales of Old Inside Text
Mother Inside Text
My Darling Child Inside Text
My Darling Wife Inside Text
Friend Inside Text
Son Inside Text
My Loving Sister Inside Text
Granddad Inside Text
Niece Inside Text
Uncle Inside Text
My Wee Granny Inside Text
Nephew Inside Text
Thank You For The Sympathy Card Inside Text
Cousin Inside Text
I Weep for You Inside Text
The Last Goodbye Inside Text
Samples Thanks for the Sample Card
A Hero's Poem Inside Text
Forever My Love Inside Text
Thank you sympathy card No2 Inside Text
Into the arms of god Inside Text
Forever In Our Hearts Inside Text
This Saddest Day Inside Text
Tears Inside Text
A Treasured Soul Inside Text
Your Loss Is Our Pain Inside Text
Always In My Heart Inside Text
Heartbroken Inside Text
Heaven beckons your soul Inside Text
Grandma Inside Text
The road to happiness Inside Text
Greatest dads Inside Text
Your cherished Son Inside Text
Farewell dear friend Inside Text
We?ll always miss you mum Inside Text
Aunt's field of flowers Inside Text
Three wishes Inside Text
I love you dad Inside Text
My love my wife my soul Inside Text
Bye gran Inside Text
A sweet child neice Inside Text
Watch over this child Inside Text
A firend forever Inside Text
Into the garden of heaven Inside Text
Always by your side Inside Text
Tears in our eye Inside Text
Grandmother No2 Inside Text
Grandma?s spirit Inside Text
With deepest sympathy for a friend & cousin Inside Text
A great grandmother Inside Text
A loving auntie Inside Text
With deepest sympathy for a loving cousin Inside Text
A loving uncle Inside Text
A wonderful lady and mother Inside Text
Brother Inside Text
Her spirit grows in side us all Inside Text
I love you granddad Inside Text
Miss you gran Inside Text
Mother's beautiful spirit Inside Text
My aunt & friend Inside Text
My cherished niece Inside Text
Sister deepest sympathy Inside Text
Tears for mother Inside Text
The heart of a child Inside Text
The remembrance rose Inside Text
The Sympathy Rose Inside Text
Your son leaves a hole in our hearts Inside Text
Goodbye my sweet Inside Text
Little Brother Inside Text
My sweet betrothed Inside Text
My Daughter & child Inside Text
Heavens grass lands Inside Text
Her radiant spirit Inside Text
Her spirit her soul my life Inside Text
Nephew's eternal embrace Inside Text
My sweet rosebud Inside Text
Sailing into heaven Inside Text
Mum Inside Text
Grandfather Inside Text
My heart breaks for my love Inside Text
Deepest sympathy for a loving nephew Inside Text
A rose for my love Inside Text
Your mother was a dear friend Inside Text
Tears for father Inside Text
A nation weeps your loss Inside Text
The Hands Of Time Inside Text
A Wonderful wife and mother Inside Text
A Gentle Soul Inside Text
A love lost Inside Text
With deepest sympathy from loving friends Inside Text
A gent a father loved by many Inside Text
With pain in our hearts Inside Text
The heart of an angle Inside Text
The loss of a dear friend Inside Text
These tears say it all Inside Text
To be by your side Inside Text
Your loss breaks my heart Inside Text
Your Gentle Touch Inside Text
An inspiration to us all Inside Text
His spirit touch us all Inside Text
These tears mourn your passing Inside Text
We mourn the loss of our dear friend Inside Text
A Brothers Love

There’s no beginning and there's no end
In life we travel then we transcend.
Our higher self’s the spirit within
Passes through the light as new life begins.

In-between each life our spirits touch and share
The magical wonders and the burdens we bear.
Though the sadness passes as the light lives on
Like my love for you forever here and beyond.

I cared for you when the light was strong
Like I care for you now you are gone.
Yet a shadow weighs heavily inside me
There’s no more pain your spirits free.

These words I write cannot convey
My love for you or what I say.
These tears I shed may be brushed away
Unlike a brother’s love dear sister is here to stay.
A Sisters Love

You once said when you were a child
You'll be king and rule the world.
I told you then a castle I must build
So we played in our cardboard world.

I showed you the secret hidden path
Where we played pirates with a treasure map.
You swung high from the trees within
In a cherished world free from hate and sin.

Times have changed now we've grown old
Our children play in their own playful world.
Memories fade and some fade away
Though our times together are here to stay.

This sister’s love I say to you
These hearts felt the words I speak the truth.
My eternal love I give to you
In heaves house we'll play under the god’s roof.

A sister’s loss is a brother’s despair
A husband’s grief many did care.
A nephews tear a nieces woe
This aunt of mine whose spirit rose.

Through all our life’s my aunt has touched
She brought us smiles she loved us much.
And here today we show our respect
For this aunt of ours we'll never forget.

In life there are those who rise to fame
Movie stars with their star names.
Though this aunt of mine she was no movie star
But to us her spirit was that much greater.

And with this world and all the shiny toys
Where we all chase trinkets for joy.
These things don’t mean that much to me
Now aunt has passed and we’ll no more see.

There’s never a day I don’t think of you
Everything I see everything I do.
Reminds me why I loved you so
My care free child with a loving soul.

The gifts you gave the socks the tie
I wear with pride though sometimes hide.
You laughed that day when I tied the knot
Of the bright green silk and polka dots.

These were the things that made who you were
A loving girl that forever cared.
Whose life touched the hearts of everyone
Your spirit rose as a blazing sun.

My heart hangs low for you are gone
No more voice or your angels' song.
There are no words for you to sing
My darling girl being carried off on angles wings.

When you chased me through the fields of gold
And we raced the waves in a sea ice cold.
When you held my hand as I skipped and played
I long for those distant summer days.

I’m now a man grown up with it all too loose
Hopes and dreams I have but there’s no more you.
With my child in hand we think of you
A loving father who we loved too.

I take from you a thirst for life
Like I took from you all those happy times.
They'll live with me for the rest of time
I hope we meet on the other side.

Its not goodbye this sad day
The path you take just lights the way.
Till we meet again in better times
My love for you span’s the end of time.
Grandmother's Tales of Old

I remember you sitting by your side
Where we talk for hours late into the night.
You spoke of thing when you were young.
Those were the days and the song you sung.

When we were children life was carefree
When we were kids we had it all to see.
Now we've grown older we long for the past
For the life’s we lived that raced bye to fast.

I say to you, something you did say
Live each moment and grasp every day.
When the day should come when you are old
I hope you never long for the days I’ve told.

I love you too I'd always say
I miss you now more this sad day.
My granny my friend your treasured soul
I never tired of your tales of old.

We bare our souls for the world to see
When we shed our tears this raging sea.
We let down our guard and show our hand
That we are weak when loved ones pass.

You were my rock and you gave me strength
You showed the world you where my defense.
As I hide behind your skirt thin and frail
When I was a child running off the rails.

So you were there when I needed you
And your kind hands guided me through.
From childhood till your dying day
Now I help to guide your spirit away.

I know you see me cry as I think of you
There’s no kind hand to dry my tears lovingly pure.
I hope someday we meet on the other side
Where your loving arms hold me till the end of time.
My Darling Child

In life we touch the ones we loved
Our hearts and souls become as one.
The dreams we shared live in me
Within my heart for all to see.

Now I stand with tears in my eyes
Though you’re forever by my side.
This day lays heavy on my soul
The love we shared I'll never let go.

I said goodbye for the last time
I take from you a wonderful life.
Though I can’t stop the tears in my eyes
When I think of you and the words goodbye.

So I say to you with love and a smile
Heaven awaits my darling child.
I pray for you from now and beyond
As my love for you lives on and on.
My Darling Wife

If I ever said you broke my heart
If you ever knew you tore it apart.
If you made me cry and left me sad
If these I said, I take each word back.

If I made you laugh & smile each day
If I brought you joy in some small way.
If our times apart left you longing for me
Then our life’s together was a joy to be.

So If I should cry today then you know why
And If I’m sad today as I say Goodbye.
Or If I should laugh a moment when I think of you
My darling wife these last words I give to you.

I love you

My friend meant the world to me.
He shared his life and all for free.
We fished we talked we laughed we cried
He left a hole in my heart the day he died.

My friend meant the world to me
Now all I have are just memories.
The times we had was truly fun
I hope he finds a friend in heaven.

I try to think what I should do
Now I’m alone and there’s no more you.
Inside my head I hear you say
Grasp every moment and live each day.

Where you live a little and gain allot
You laugh a little and care not a jot
You sing a little and laugh aloud
As you drink allot and live life proud.

I’ve seen things that make grown men cry
I watched the gift of life through tearful eyes.
I’ve held a tiny hand bringing me to tears
Yet this saddest day has been my worse fears.

Nothing will ever take away my love
Or these feelings I have for you.
And nothing will ever erase that smile
Every word I say is the truth.

Yet I die each time I think of you and ask the dear lord why
How someone this young may be taken from me why lord why.
He gives and he takes leaving our hearts to ache and cry a tear each day
Though I love my lord and know he cares thus he took you away.

I also know we'll meet again and sit beside our god
We'll speak of this and no doubt he’ll say it’s because I loved your son.
Though now I cry as we all miss you and know we'll meet again
So please dear lord take good care and cherish my sweet son.
My Loving Sister

I long for my loving sister
I long for the days ever more.
I'll think of you for always
My sister I do adore.

We had a world of dreams
We shared a life of fun.
We always laughed together
Now I cry alone as one.

I miss my loving sister
The days we shared are gone.
Though you will always live within me
Where your memory always live on.

I say goodbye dear sister
This road I take alone.
Though someone day we'll be together
In heaven our lord's spiritual home.

I cried the day my granddad died
I cry today as I say goodbye.
I’ll cry tomorrow now you are gone.
I loved my granddad this loving grandson.

I’ll think of you till the day I'm old
As I share my world with my grandchild.
They’ll know about you and the dreams you had
Every child should have a loving granddad.

You gave your love you gave it all
You shared your soul & treasured would.
There's not a day I spent with you
I wouldn’t leave again and that’s the truth.

Goodbye granddad I’ll miss you so
Goodbye granddad now you must go.
As you must take the path through heaven's gates
Where we'll meet in gods heavenly estate.

Heaven must love you I tell myself
We lost our niece to the other world.
Our lord must ache to see your face
In heavens clouds you will dance and race.

When the sun does shine I'll think of you
When rainbows fall I'll cry for you.
When snow comes down I'll see your shape
In snow angles as you once made.

Rest easy sweet child don't be afraid
In heavens halls our lord does wait.
His loving hands and warm embrace
Cradles your world and resting place.

You were a child when our lord called on you
His out stretched hand helped guide you though.
His heavens gates and into his heart
Where one day we'll meet until then we must part.

I never missed your visits
I sadden when you went away.
The times we spent together
Filled my heart and made my day.

He shared his life with everyone
So much of it with me.
To be in my uncles presence
Lifted my heart for all to see.

I have nothing but love for uncle
We had smiles and happy days.
I'll always remember my uncle
You're in my thoughts each time I pray.

Goodbyes where the words I dreaded
Along with your waving hand.
Now you are gone forever
By Gods side you now stand.
My Wee Granny

My wee granny was really wee
But that wee lady was a giant to me.
Everyone would always say
Make sure you listen she knows what's she's saying.

Yes my wee granny stood taller than most
Her giant spirit today we toast.
Too a wee lady we all say goodbye
With sorrowed hearts and tears in our eyes.

Bye granny, bye for now
As we'll meet in gods hallowed grounds.
Bye granny I know you know
Everyone here, yes we loved you so.

There's no way anyone well ever forget
That wee lady who we all let.
Enhance our souls and enrich our minds
For that wee lady shared the best of times.

Every moment I shared with you
They will live with me forever.
The days we spent have flowed on bye
Like a summer sparkling river.

Where fish did jump under yellow skies
As you played in the dappled light.
Those days are gone with your radiant smile
As the dark now fills our days and cloudy nights.

Now I weep for you, now I cry for you
As you rest on angles wings.
Oh I miss you so, yes I loved you so
In my heart your spirits sings.

So I say goodbye one more time
As my heartbreaks and tares.
While in heaves skies where angles fly
To guide my nephew up heavens stairs.
Thank You For The Sympathy Card

Your heart felt words of kindness where truly
appreciated by the whole family and we thank
you for a card we'll treasure for always.

Tears of love trickle down my face
When I think of the times we had.
Those days we played as children
Now leaves me feeling sad.

I long for the youth I lost
As I think of those we loved.
The memories I cherish the most
Are when we played under the summer sun.

Now when I see a yellow sky
I think of you deepest with pride.
I long for those summer days
When we played late into the night.

Now I weep for you with love in my heart
As I think of you today.
I say goodbye one more time
To my cousin whose passed away.
I Weep for You

Today I cried as the day before
I'll never stop crying for you.
The days are long the nights are longer
The darkness hangs in my heart now blue.

While I think of you and who you were
Your kindness your love and how you cared.
I cry for you I can't stop crying for you
For you touched my heart now bare.

We had great times of love and sadness
Each filled with joys and woe.
The times of sadness where, but few
Yet the joys too many to let go.

Still I cry for you yes I weep for you
When I should laugh for the times we had.
I won't laugh again I won't ever smile again
For this day just breaks my heart.
The Last Goodbye

It's the last goodbye I'll ever say
It's the last goodbye on this saddest day.
It's my last goodbye to you my love
You're not forgotten sweet kisses & hugs.

I'll think of you and I always will
I'll remember you my sweetest child.
Now we part my love by your resting place
As our dear lord takes you into his warm embrace.

Oh for one last smile and to hold you tight
For one last glance and to kiss you goodnight.
Just one last chance to hold you close
I'd give my life for the one I loved the most.

It's not to be as we part with sorrow
It's not to be there's no more tomorrows.
It'll never be, but pain & tears
To my loving child sweet dreams my dear.

A Hero's Poem

You stood for justice for one and all
You held your ground and would not fall.
There was no order you did not obey
As a hero you stood tall as a true brave.

A father a son a man and a solder
All of these and in arms a brother.
You all you stood for justice and truth
Now lost in battle and a stolen youth.

Though not in vain you gave your life
For your father, mother your child and your wife.
We all salute our hero and true brave
You gave too your country your soul and grace.

Goodbye dear solder stand down and be proud
The battle is over the field now hallowed ground.
These flowers we lay are our honor to you
Too our hero we salute goodbye and thank you.
Forever My Love

We become one, as lovers in arms
Worlds collide as our hearts embalmed.
A lifetime of love our souls embraced
Magical times nothing dare replace.

Forever my love you will always be
Forever my love you live in me.
Forever my love we'll be as one
Forever my love and my radiant sun.

Now I miss you as my world comes apart
I stand here alone with my crushing heart.
There's no more joy filled with days of wonder
Just tears that fall in waves as crashing thunder.

Forever my love my reason to live
Forever my love my heart I do give.
Forever my love these tears are yours
Forever my love a kind soul sweet and pure.
Thank you sympathy card No2

Thank you for the kind words and your heart felt words of condolences.
Into the arms of god

You lit up everyone around you
With your spirit and radiant light.
You shared with the world your soul
And your heart that burnt bright.

Now into the arms of god you go
Your protected forever more.
With no more sadness fears or woes
Into his kingdom your spirit has soared.

Into the arms of God my love
Into his heart and light.
Into the arms of God my dear
Embrace with all your might.

Now bathed in his eternal world you go
Loved and protected you will always be.
The ails of mortal man are no more
From earthly strains your spirits now free.

So Into the Arms of God sweet soul
So into the kingdom of love.
Step Into the arms of God my child
You're free as the soaring dove.
Forever In Our Hearts

These words we write are from the heart and given too the family on this saddest day.
"You're beloved was a true friend Who will live forever in our hearts and always missed."
This Saddest Day

With deepest sympathy our love goes out too the family and friends on this saddest day.

"You were truly loved and remain in our hearts forever."
Our deepest sympathy & tears go to the family during this time of sadness.
A Treasured Soul

We share in your loss and send this message of condolences.
In the hope these heart felt words bring you solace on this saddest of days.
"Heaven has gained a treasured soul we'll all miss dearly."
Your Loss Is Our Pain

These sentiments maybe of little comfort on this saddest of days.
Though we hope the times we shared together meant more too you as words can't ever say.
Always In My Heart

You will always be in my thoughts and my deepest sympathies go to
your family whose loss is as great as the pain in my heart.

We send this message of love too the family letting you know we share your pain
and hope these kind words help you threw this heartbroken day.
Heaven beckons your soul

Your sweet departed will live forever in our hearts forever now heaven beckons their eternal soul.

A wonderful lady who brought love and joy to everyone who knew and loved her.
She'll be forever missed, but never forgotten as time goes bye.
The road to happiness

Remembrance is the road back in time to when we dreamed of better days.
Where the journey with its many turns made the passage through time a joy to be with you.
Days I'll never forget or the love of my life my darling wife.
Heros & worlds Greatest Dad

In life some of us stand up
too tyrant Kings and others
are worlds greatest dads.
We salute them all
from here and beyond.
Your cherished Son

If I knew the words to take your pain away.
I'd repeat them over and over until your cherished son was back in your arms.
Farewell dear friend

We sometimes find ourselves chancing dreams and looking for that next big thing.
When right beside us we have what's more precious taken away forever.
Then we realize the path to happiness runs parallel to our own life's and we just don't see them until they're gone.
A dear friend takes this path and we bid them fair well.
We?ll always miss you mum

The tare in my heart
The pain in my soul.
The tears in my eyes
I just can’t let go.

I miss you so much
I can’t bare you are gone.
I’ll love you forever
We’ll always miss you mum.
Aunts field of flowers

As a child we'd walk in the fields gathering flowers and laughing in the summer sun.
Now I wish to hold your hand one more time, though I feel your spirit within my soul.
As I wander in the field of flowers where my caring aunt's presence & beauty lives all
around me.
Three wishes "friends sister"

If I had three wishes I'd wish over and over until your sister came back in our lives.
From a loving son "I love you dad"

It's always the words we find most difficult to say in life that are wrenched from our souls
during times of sadness.
Then I say the words I never thought we would ever hear myself saying.

I love you dad.
My love my wife my soul

Nothing destroys the spirit
Nothing breaks the soul.
Our love lives forever
My love my wife my goal.

The sands of time have taken you
Our Lord now holds your hand.
Your spirits free your lights reborn
To wander heaven lands.
Bye gran

A wonderful lady who stood
by my side during the worst
and happiest times in my life.

Now I stand alone though
know her spirit stands
with me as I say bye gran.
A sweet child & darling neice

My heart was torn apart the day your sweet child and my darling niece was taken from us.
Yet her loving spirit clings to our soul and will remain with us forever.
Watch over this child

Please god watch over this child and care for her until my time on this green earth is over?
So I can comfort her once again in your heavenly kingdom.
A firend forever

We give this card in remembrance of your loved one and our dear friend.
A friend who gave us many wonderful days we'll cherish forever.
Into the garden of heaven

We'll forever miss you dear friend and hope your spirit's sailing into the garden of heaven.
Always by your side

I pray your memories of our dearest friend and your love one,
helps you threw these sad days ahead.
We'll always be by your side and forever in our thoughts.
Tears in our eye "friends husband"

Your husband gave us a lifetime of treasured memories.
Now we remember his life and those happy times together, where we laughed until we cried.
Now with tears in our eyes and sadness in our hearts.
We give our deepest sympathies to the family and hope your pain turns to joy as we
remember your wonderful father.
Grandmother No2

A gran a granny a grandma a grandmother.
All of these and a mother's mother.
A wonderful lady a neighbor a friend.
A sister a cousin who all loved one and other.
Grandma?s spirit

Your love your spirit
Your heart your soul.
Your smile your voice
Your eyes did glowed.

Your words your wisdom
Your laugh your tears.
You lifted my world grandma
& diminished my fears.
With deepest sympathy for A friend & cousin

A million words or more we shared together as friends. Yet,
I struggle to find one for my cousin who was, but a young man with so much to give.
I pray your spirit is rewarded like my life with you was fulfilled.
A great grandmother

You watched over and give us nothing but your love.
Now the dear Lord cradles in his arms a wonderful lady & great grandmother.
Who we loved and will forever remember.
A loving auntie

Each day that passes without you,
breaks my heart ever more.
Your spirit, your kindness and your
sweet voice lives on inside me.

As your soul shines out in
heaven forever more.
With deepest sympathy for A loving cousin

You were a loving and caring young lady whose spirit touched the hearts of everyone.
Having your friendship and being your cousin meant the world to me.
Where now it breaks my heart evermore now you are gone.
A loving uncle

Every day was a joy just to be around my loving uncle.
He was a wonderful man who cared so much for his family.
He will be forever missed and remembered by us all.
As your soul shines out in heaven forever more.
A wonderful lady and mother

This truly is the saddest day in our life’s
and our love goes out to everyone who
loved this wonderful lady and mother.

There's never been a kinder soul to lift the spirit of those in need.
He gave his friendship and his love willingly & unconditionally.
My brother brought joy too many and for the first time in my life he breaks my heart.
Her spirit grows in side us all

Like the delicate flower that lights up in the summer sunshine.
Your child's radiant glow and colorful spirit flourishes within our hearts.
Where her spirit grows inside us all.
I love you granddad

Whenever I think of you
I remember the fun times we shared.
I remember your words of encouragement.
I even remember your whispering in my ear.

I love and I'll forever love you no matter what.
And I said, I love you too granddad.
Miss you gran

You were much more than a grandmother and a friend to me.
And if anyone ever had a best friend, then you were mine.
My heart goes out to you gran and these tears are,
but a reminder of the days we laughed until we cried.
Mother's beautiful spirit

Like the rose in the summer sun with the perfume filling the air and that sweet sent beckoning.
Your radiant & beautiful spirit drove me into your arms as a child and in times of sadness.
I long for those days where your mother's love would brush away my tears.
My Aunt & Friend

You brought joy into our life and
touched the hearts of those
who loved and cared for you.
My aunt and friend’s spirit
lives on in my heart and prays.
My cherished niece

Our cherished niece now dwells in the arms of god.
Where once she slept in my loving arms & touched my now breaking heart
Sister deepest sympathy

We shared so many wonderful times together as brother and sister.
Yet, non more painful than your passing and the breaking of my heart.
Tears For Mother

When we cry we bare our soul for the loss of those we loved.
Today I cried a river that continues to flow from my heart and
may never stop unlike my love that will rage on forever dear mother.
The heart of a child

A mischief's smile only a mother could forgive.
A father's proud joy and a reason to live.
A sister's arch enemy, but friend for life.
A brother's best friend you will be for all time.

A grandmother's elation and tears of joy.
A grandfather's fond time when he was a boy.
Everyone's fond memories grow and run wild.
As they remember this spirit and the heart of a child.
The remembrance rose

Moments shared together live on in my heart.
A life's time of memories happy and sad.
A radiant sent floats on the summers breeze.
The remembrance rose my reminder of you and me.

Farewell my prince my sweet my life.
This rose I give with all my heart your wife.
You will live in me until we meet again.
In heaves gardens where roses will forever reign.
The Sympathy Rose

Every petals, but a tear drop.
Every thorns a dagger piercing my heart.
The radiant scents a reminder of the past we shared together.
And the colour is the purity of your soul.
Your son leaves a hole in our hearts

Every day without your son and my friend, leaves a growing hole in our hearts.
Goodbye my sweet

When hearts break and tear flow for the ones we love the most.
In our darkest days when the thunder roars to a spirit we will toast.
To a soul departed whom we’ll never forget as you live within my soul.
Farewell my love goodbye my sweet my precious heart of gold.
Little Brother

My heartbreaks more each day when
I think of you my sweet little brother.
A young man who brought so much
joy to those who loved him so much.
My sweet betrothed

Your caring soul your loving arms.
Your shining eyes my heart did dance.
For one so sweet who tamed my soul.
And gave me love my sweet betrothed.
My Daughter & child

You were the love of my life.
You were the child of my dreams.
You were my spirit my soul
You were my radiant sun beam.

You filled my heart with your love.
You gave me nothing but smiles.
You brightened my saddest days.
You will always be my daughter & child.
Heavens grass lands

In the tall grass we would hide and play.
In the field lands we would spend our days.
Under summer skies I would follow you.
Into the glass lands as brothers we‘d march throw.

Now this is goodbye I say farewell dear brother.
No more adventures and no more pain to suffer.
Tread on Into heaven where fields roll on forever
We’ll meet again as children where we’ll be together.
Her radiant spirit

Each day tears my soul apart
When I think of how we'll no
longer be together.

Or how my loving daughter will
no longer share her dreams that
brighten day like her smile.

Now all I have is her radiant
spirit I feel all around me like
her arms would hold me as
we kissed goodbye.
Her spirit her soul my life

A life taken so young is a wonder lost to
the world and this shining light lit up the
lives of so many her spirit will live in us all.
Yet, this mother's heart tares apart form the loss
of my child and daughter whom we all loved.
Nephew's eternal embrace

Watch over this kindred spirit so I may once more
embrace my nephew who touched my breaking heart.
Now carry on the wings of angles this soul sweet and
pure into the kingdom of God where we will play in
heavens gardens eternally.
My sweet rosebud

My every breath.
My beating heart.
My nephews love.
My shining star.

My aching soul.
My loss my love.
My kindred spirit.
My sweet rosebud.
Sailing into heaven

In my heart grows a light
that warms my soul and lifts
my spirit like a setting sun.

As the tears flowing from my
eyes like a river as my uncle’s
soul sails into the heavens and
beyond the horizon.

Like the rose with its enchanting
scent filling the summer air.
Your perfume reminds me
of our wonderful times together.

While the soft petals like
your out stretched arms beckon
me into the heart of my loving mother.

Every day I shared with you
was a joy and every moment
we had will live on in me forever.

You were more than a grandfather
and your loss makes this
the saddest day of my life.
My heart breaks for my love

My heart skipped a beat the
day my eyes fell on you.
My heart raced when you gave
me your heart and love.

My heart stopped when our new
born came into our world.
My heartbreaks for my love whose
spirit sours into heave above.
A loving nephew

Like the sun in the radiant blue sky you lit up all of our lives.
Like the flowers in the field you blossomed in the summer light.

Like the wind your laughter carried through the air like a sirens song
Like the rain falling from heaven these tears fall like the rivers long
A rose for my love

You were my love my life my passion my soul.
You were my sweet my lover my spiritual world.

You brought me joy in a world full of sadness and tears.
A rose for my love who protected me from life’s fears.
Your mother was a dear friend

With deepest sympathies we offer a
shoulder to cry on during your time of sorrow.
Your mother was a dear friend who will
be forever missed and remembered
by all those who loved her.
Tears for father

My heartbreaks every time I think of those
wonderful moments we shared together.
Where once we shared tears of laughter
now turned to tears of sorrow. For a father
who gave me a lifetime of wonderful
memories, love and happiness.
A nation weeps your loss

The love of a son and the loss of their brave
life in the face of evil and tyranny. Is no
comfort or sorrow for a family heartbroken
and bereaved of their love.

Yet, a nation weeps for their spirit and
honors they're selfless sacrifice.
Which they gave to the many who will live
no more under the thumb of tyrants.
The Hands Of Time

We come into this world then in the blink
of an eye our time slips away.

Though the ones our brief light falls upon
makes for a wonderful experience.

And we remember those happy times which
live on in all off us and they last a lifetime.
A Wonderful wife and mother

Every day was a joy just to be with you.
Every moment was a dream that did come true.
Every kiss a reminder why I loved you so.
Oh dear lord take this treasure and never let go.
A Gentle Soul

In life your every word and deed was that of a gentle soul.
You lived and shared your life with many who loved you so.
Now we share our thoughts of kindness for you one so sweet.
A dear friend we shall forever miss and remember fondly.
A love lost

Everything I could have said, I told you a thousand times.
Each day I said I loved you and how you were forever mine.
From the touch of your hand to the look in your eye.
Your love brought hope to the darkest days.
Now my weary souls heartbroken and torn
for my love now spirited away.
With deepest sympathy from loving friends

Its with our heart full of sadness
we offer our condolences and
an eternal shoulder to cry on.
A gent a father loved by many

Your light shone bright.
Your spirit touched us all.
You gave us your friendship.
We applauded your curtain call.

A gent a father loved by many.
A hero a dad takes that final journey.

There'll be tears and broken hearts.
There will be sorrow when your soul departs.
Farewell dear friend your soul now at rest.
One and all you touched we were truly blessed.
With pain in our hearts

Its with pain in our hearts
we offer our deepest sympathies
during your time of loss and sadness.
Your child touched our breaking hearts and
brought joy to all, whom we’ll forever miss.
The heart of an angle

You were the kindest most loving soul
to have come into our lives.
You had the heart of an angle
whose spirit touched us all.
Now filled with sorrow we remember
this cherished child loved by many
and whose passing breaks our hearts.
The loss of a dear friend

All the wonderful times we spent together
will live on in my heart forever.
Though my heartbreaks for your family
now faced with this saddest of days.
You will be missed and always
remembered dear friend.
These tears say it all

There are times in our lives when we're lost for words.
This is one of those times in which the tears in my eyes say more than words ever could.
To be by your side

The words I fear to say tare at my heart as they
remind me you are no longer with us.
If only I could have told them a thousand
years from now much like I wish I could have
been there by your side to say goodbye.
Your loss breaks my heart

The wonderful times we spent together will live on in my heart.
Which breaks each time I think of you and your families loss.
Your Gentle Touch

The times we shared together the times we spent apart.
The moments that made me smile will live on inside my heart.

Your eyes so radiant and full of love touched my heart and lifted my soul.
Your caress your voice your once gentle touch like you love was pure as gold.
An inspiration to us all

Condolences for the loss of your
mother whose devotion for
your family and those she loved
was an inspiration to us all.
His spirit touch us all

Many have come into this world lifting
the spirits of all those around them.
Their presence touched the hearts of
everyone and brought joy to us all.

Like your father who will be sadly
misted while his spirit remains in
those who loved him dearly.
These tears mourn your passing

You chased me as a child
we fought wars from dawn till dusk.
We battled over nothing
showing no quarter or any trust.

The rages we endured back then
where, but our childhood days.
Where tears where once our battle cries
now these tears mourn your passing days.
We mourn the loss of our dear friend

With love and heart felt sympathy
I give these words of kindness
in the hope they bring you
comfort to hour of need.

For the loss of your father who touched
and brought much joy too
those who loved and will forever mourn
the loss of this dear friend of ours.

Cameron Remembrance Photographer

We all know for whatever reasons people move away and only in times of sadness find ourselves coming together to show our respect for the ones we love. As a remembrance photographer I'm offering my skills to capture those moments when families and friends come together during times of loss. Where I will provide individual and group shots of the relatives and friends for the families to treasure during those times apart.
The Remembrance project is a non paying project I've taken unto myself to photograph the Cemeteries of Paisley & hopefully beyond. As a result of this the need for new camera equipment is a priority and of some expense. The blog I set up will hopefully show you what I’ve already been doing as well as touch your hearts to dentate what ever you can.
David Cameron Paisley Photographer
7" by 5" Cards On Sale here
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